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Two local students at Eastern Michigan University have turned their job-hunting challenges into an online application to help others find work in the challenging pandemic marketplace.

EMU students Collin Clem, 21, of Lincoln Park, and Anthony Levesque, 19, of Monroe, who bonded after winning honors at an international collegiate DECA conference last year, have channeled their own frustrations with the job seekers’ market into an app, which they launched this month, to help others pair more efficiently with businesses seeking their job skills.

“We launched our first business together, called Employee RoundUp, to allow job seekers to skip the process of applying to dozens of places and help small businesses find employees when they need one,” Clem said. “We offer our services free to job-seekers, and, until early 2021, we will be free for small businesses as well.”

He said their initial focus will be matching applicants with jobs Downriver, as well as in Ypsilanti, where EMU is located.

“We would spend so much time applying to different places, trying to get jobs, and you would apply to 30 different places and not hear back from any of them,” Clem said. “Maybe you would hear back from the thirty-first – maybe – and then, it’s a no, or an interview request that doesn’t end up panning out, and so it just felt like a huge waste of time.”

Levesque said they both realized how much time the job search process wastes.

“For example, recently I was looking for an internship in the winter, and I applied to 80 different companies, and five replied, three of which told me I could go on to the interview process,” he said. “In times like these, we realize that it is just completely frustrating, and we want to change that for other candidates.”

The two felt that a database of active job seekers in a specific geographic area, with given skill sets, would be of value to employers.

Clem said that their initial focus will be on unspecialized, entry level positions, and are working with EMU classmates to fill initial job matches.

“They are exactly what we are looking for, because they are pretty generic positions that they can fill, and from the small business side of things, it is a benefit to them,” he said.

Clem said, from personal experience, that he has learned that small businesses often struggle to find new employees, and often depend on word-of-mouth to fill openings.

“We are a passive way to find a job,” he said. “We do the applying for them. They sign up on our website and wait for employers to contact them.”

Clem said it is a time-efficient alternative to the long, fruitless hours one might otherwise spend on Linked in or

“You aren’t wasting your time reaching out to companies that aren’t going to contact you back,” he said.

Clem said similar companies are more focused on specific career skill sets. He said focuses on positions like information technology, computer science and software engineers. Others focus on marketing professionals and other specialized niche markets.

“We are going to focus on those unspecialized jobs that are high-turnover jobs,” he said. “We see a huge opportunity here.”

Levesque said it is difficult for hiring companies to connect with the right people.

“We have a vision of potentially changing that, and helping one person at a time,” he said. “What we think is going to help us grow is that we are going to be working with small businesses, and students and different candidates that are looking for generalized positions.”

Levesque said he has discovered a passion helping people find jobs.

“I, myself, have struggled with this,” he said. “I would like to help people alleviate that, because with COVID and the problems in the world that people stress over, and I really think that this shouldn’t be one of them.”

Levesque said there are always job seekers and businesses seeking employees.

“I really think that by pursuing this and making this a viable business, we are going to change that, and that is something that I look forward to, by helping both businesses and candidates looking for jobs,” he said.

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