Martinsville-region COVID-19/coronavirus daily update from state, nation and world: Dec. 25 | Local News

A resident of Henry County and another from Franklin County are the latest victims of COVID-19 in the West Piedmont Health District. These deaths were reported this morning in data from the Virginia Department of Health. The deaths likely happened weeks ago because VDH waits for death certificates to confirm the cause of death. This is the 52nd victim in Henry County and the 22nd from Franklin County, the second in as many days. VDH tracks all data by residence,  and these now make 129 victims in the district since the pandemic began. There also were 82 cases and 3 new hospitalizations in the morning’s report. Franklin County accounted for 37 of the cases and 2 of the hospitalizations. Henry County had 13, Patrick County had 7 and Martinsville had 5 and the other hospitalization.  Since the pandemic began, there have been now 6,359 cases and 446 hospitalizations….Richard’s Dinner will go on today in Martinsville. The traditional feed will be takeout and delivery…..The United States will require airline passengers from Britain to get a negative COVID-19 test before their flight, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced late Thursday….The Virginia Department of Health reports this morning there have been 327,993 cases and 4,821 deaths statewide — up by 30 since Thursday. Some 17,450 people have been hospitalized. Henry County has had 2,465 cases, with 208 hospitalizations and 52 deaths. Martinsville has had 940 cases, with 89 hospitalizations and 27 deaths. Patrick County has had 710 cases including 72 hospitalizations and 28 deaths. Franklin County has had 2,244 cases, 77 hospitalizations and 22 deaths. Danville has reported 2,258 cases (60 deaths), and Pittsylvania County has had 2,490 (36 deaths). Johns Hopkins University’s real-time map showed 79,489,000 cases worldwide and 1,744,564 deaths. In the U.S. there have been 18,655,773 cases and 329,109 deaths because of COVID-19.

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