World War II veteran shares Battle of the Bulge experience during 76th anniversary

APPOMATTOX, Va. (WDBJ) – Dog tags hang framed inside the home of Lawrence Clements.

The World War II veteran looks through a binder of documents and remembers his time during the war.

“In August of ’44, we sailed for the ocean blue,” said Clements.

Clements was drafted into the Army’s 106th infantry division in 1944.

He was taken to Belgium and called out one December night near St. Vith to scope out the scene.

He then heard something that would change his life for months.

“I went to find out what I could and I heard them coming… at least I heard this noise and I said, ‘well they’s Germans,’” said Clements.

Clements was captured alongside others by German forces just as the Battle of the Bulge began.

He spent several cold months being trekked to multiple prisoner of war camps.

He and others were held at a camp in Limburg until it was destroyed by Allied bombing. In April 1945, Allied forces rescued him at Luckenwalde and helped him recover from ailments such as malnutrition and a fever.

“The next day they sent me to the 195th general hospital in Paris right beside the Eiffel Tower,” said Clements.

Although Clements didn’t climb the tower, he did climb into a boat to come home.

And at 95 years young, he still remembers everything like he’s 19.

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