Seattle business owner donates balm to help healthcare workers with ‘mask rash’

Owner of Bedrock has donated more than $10,000 of skin balm to help workers at Seattle-area hospitals.

SEATTLE — A small business owner in Wallingford has found a way to bring relief to local medical workers suffering from “mask rash.”

It’s a very real side effect from wearing face coverings for hours on end.

Rachel Wernet of Seattle has stepped in to help out those heroes.

Wernet is a mother of two who found herself creating a skin care line after a painful armpit rash nearly ruined an anniversary trip. She educated herself on possible causes and remedies and eventually turned to zinc oxide.

After zinc oxide calmed her skin, Bedrock skincare was born.

Wernet has built a loyal customer base online.

“I never imagined my skin care company could help healthcare worker in the midst of a pandemic, but when I heard complexions were going crazy, I knew instantly my products could help.” 

Healthcare workers are not only putting themselves at risk of catching COVID-19, but they also face side effects of their protective wear that are not minor.

Wearing masks for extended periods of time can cause various forms of skin irritation, from acne like breakouts to severe rashes.

The results aren’t pretty and they can be painful.

Wernet says she began hearing from friends in nursing that were desperate for some relief. 

Wernet admits that her home-based business hasn’t even broken even yet.

But she said that shouldn’t stop someone from offering help for free.

Wernet reached out to several hospitals and was able to deliver her Bedrock Balm to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Swedish Cherry Hill, Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center and Seattle Children’s.

She has donated more than $10,000 worth of her products, and nurses and medical professionals have left grateful reviews on her site.

You can read the reviews and learn more about the products she created on her website  

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