US Cherry Growers Enter Competitive Export Market in Taiwan

Cherry growers in the United States now have a better opportunity to sell their fruits in an Asian market.

On Tuesday, Congressman Bill Huizenga announced the exemption of a 15% tariff on US tart cherry juice exports to Taiwan.

The removal of this 15-percent tax will create more opportunity and provide significantly greater market access for both Michigan cherry growers and processors.

Nels Veliquette, C.F.O of Cherry Ke & Cherries R Us, says normally this kind of deal takes 10 years, however, US lawmakers and the Cherry Marketing Institute (CMI) got it done in two.

“I think this is a really positive, bright spot, it’s not related to some other grander issue, it’s the type of work that Cherry Marketing Institute does with all of their representatives and working with the USDA, so it’s a great win for us,” says Veliquette.

CMI estimates by eliminating this tax it will open more than $1 million to American growers and processors.  According to CMI, 75% of the tart cherries grown in the United States are grown in Michigan.

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