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Fans of “The Masked Singer” will have the chance to sing-a-long with season four’s masked and unmasked contestants. Deco’s getting in the spirit and catching up with some of the singers who’ve been booted off the show.

“The Masked Singer” is getting in the holiday spirit with the Holiday Sing-A-Long special.

The final three contestants will perform never-before-heard holiday songs, and the unmasked celebrities from season four will also sing some of their favorite jingles.

Taylor Dayne: “I love the show, and I was tickled pink, and I was so grateful and gracious that the world got to see me on that stage, and to be revealed on such a high like that, it’s all good for me.”

Three-time Grammy-nominated ’80s singer Taylor Dayne was unmasked during the semi-finals triple elimination. She was the Popcorn costume.

Also revealed? Singer Tori Kelly as the Seahorse and Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim as the Jellyfish.

Chloe Kim: “It was so much harder being on ‘The Masked Singer,’ I think, because I like didn’t know what to expect. Like, going into the Olympics, I was definitely nervous, but I had a lot of people, like, kind of preparing me, like, mentally what to expect and, like, what the whole process was going to be like.”

Just like the previous unmasked celebrities, their biggest challenge was performing under a costume.

Chloe Kim: “I couldn’t really see anything, and my head was like really cool, but it was also kind of heavy, so I was like — everyone had their own little struggles with their costume.”

Taylor Dayne: “The physical stuff is real. The physical stuff is daunting. It’s real. You’re under a clock, and you’re being judged.”

“The Masked Singer” Holiday Sing-A-Long is coming up after Deco right here on 7.

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