Buda Public Library offers storytelling, science ‘in a bag’

With help from a grant, the City of Buda started a new program to help bring educational kits to people in their homes.

BUDA, Texas — For parents whose kids are still out of school or those wanting some extra educational fun, it can often be expensive to get the tools needed.

That’s why the Buda Public Library is offering “Programs in a Bag” to all cardholders. Families may check out up to two bags at a time.

Dorian and Thaddeus Chancellor used the bag their family checked out to learn about chemistry. The bag helped them learn and helped out their mom, Katie.

“We’re homeschool, so these types of resources we would love to purchase and have, but I would maybe hesitate if I didn’t know we were going to use it all the time,” Katie Chancellor said. “Being able to check it out from the library and use it right away is fantastic.” 

“They’re kits that we hope everybody in the area will be able to enjoy,” said librarian Martha Sanders.

“Tuesday, we released ‘Science in a Bag,’ and they were also checked out on the same day,” Caitlin Foley said.

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Sanders and Foley put the ‘Storytelling in a Bag’ and ‘Science in a Bag’ kits together.

“We started seeing other libraries offer science kits and we really wanted to start offering our community more science-oriented projects,” Sanders said.

“Yes, so the books and the activities are geared for the age that we have on here,” Foley said.

The bags were paid for by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The grant was made possible with the CARES Act, and it gave the library the money it needed to make the program happen.

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“It’s so important to have these great resource kits because they promote literacy,” Sanders said. 

“Yes, definitely. And, hopefully, we can keep the program going strong,” Foley said. 

The bags are a way to make some tricky things like science easier to learn – an effort that Katie Chancellor and her kids appreciate.

“Yeah, it was a great easy, simple thing to just grab and go,” Katie Chancellor said. “We will definitely do some more.”

To learn more about the Buda Public Library’s “Programs in a Bag” rentals, click here.

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