Family changes birthday party plans after new Board of Health regulation is passed

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Earlier this week, the Board of Health passed a new regulation limiting the sizes of social gatherings. The change prompted one Knoxville family to rearrange their plans for their daughters sweet sixteen birthday party.

Tammy and Brian Hazel were planning a small gathering for their daughter Brooklynn’s sixteenth birthday. They originally invited around 30 people, but after hearing about the new 10-person social gathering limit, they switched the party to a drive by at the last minute.  

“We all have to make changes and sacrifices, so we hope it works. We hope we’re sacrificing for something that works,” Tammy said.

The party was sized down to 10 close family and friends. The rest of the guests drove by and sent their love to Brooklynn from a distance.

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“We’re just making due with what we’ve got with the situation we’re all in right now,” Brian said.

The drive by celebration wasn’t exactly what they had planned, but they felt making the change was necessary to ensure the safety of their family and friends.

The COVID-19 Social Gathering Limitation Regulation goes into effect Friday, December 4. It will last at least 4 weeks, until January 1.

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