Trailblazing Podcast Host and Women in Tech Superconnector, Espree Devora, Becomes the Face of the Clubhouse App

Espree has been praised and thanked by hundreds of users in the app for her amazing contributions from welcoming new users and imparting highly beneficial business advice from how to speak at SXSW to creating and branding your own podcast. Most recently, she spearheaded The Delivering Happiness Room, where more than 300 Clubhouse members actively networked to create a space where people felt inspired to give and receive. 

“Espree has an undying passion and commitment to connecting people and sharing information,” says Ronjini Joshua, CEO and co-founder of a-pira. “In the many years that I have known Espree, she continues to amaze me with her energy, generosity and true love of connecting people and bringing them together.”

Labeled a serial media entrepreneur with an intoxicating personality, Espree has catapulted her weight in the LA Tech Scene, and now as the face of Clubhouse, across the world. A skyrocketing influencer, she has spoken at notable tech and business conferences in countries all over the world, sharing her connections, business advice and expertise in podcasting embodying the true meaning of Super Connector the whole way.

If you are on Clubhouse, connect with @Espree to congratulate her on her journey and likely get some quality business advice. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.



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