Early voting starts in Florida today. Here’s what voters are telling us about the experience so far. 

Voters lined up before sunrise today as early voting began in Florida, including in the critical counties of Broward, Duval, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach.

More than 27 million ballots have already been cast in the US, according to a survey of election officials by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalist.

Here’s what voters are telling CNN about what the scene is like on the ground:

Southwest Ranches, Florida
Southwest Ranches, Florida Source: Doris Gonzalez

Pembroke Pines, Florida, resident Doris Gonzalez says Broward County voters had to weather a rainstorm this morning while waiting for the polls to open.

Port Charlotte, Florida
Port Charlotte, Florida Source: Donald Hutchins

“It’s the first day of early voting, I didn’t think it would be so popular,” Donald Hutchins told CNN while in line at the Charlotte County Library Administration in Port Charlotte, Florida. “Thought I could be in and out.”

Melbourne, Florida
Melbourne, Florida Source: Susan Eaton

Susan Eaton was in line to vote at the community center gym in Melbourne, Florida.

She’s voting today to “ensure [she] got it done and got counted.”

“Plus it’s my son’s first general election (he voted in the March and July primaries) and was excited to do it in person with him for the experience,” she told CNN.

Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida Source: Cam Koubek

“I’ve been enthusiastic about voting and waiting to do it for months now, so I wanted to do it the first opportunity I got,” Cam Koubek told CNN while in line at the Platt Library in Tampa, Florida.

The mayor of Parkland, Florida, tweeted a video this morning saying it is “the longest line I have ever seen at early voting in Parkland.”

James Harcup, who is in line to vote today in Key West, Florida, the southernmost location in the continental US and the southernmost polling place in the continental US, described why he was planning on voting early.

“I was counting down the days till early voting started in Florida,” he told CNN. “I don’t trust mail-in ballots…I usually always early vote anyway, but this was the first time I ever committed to coming bright & early on the first day! This is just too important of an election.”

CNN’s Rosa Flores is on the scene in Miami speaking to voters:

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