MEL Academy Offers Three Months Of Free Online Science Webinars For Kids At Home

Science experiments are a great way to inspire curiosity, engage kids in science and spend quality time with loved ones at home. So MEL Academy, an online science-teaching tool with the goal of making science education easy, interesting, and effective, is helping families cope with current stay at home orders by making all their webinars and VR lessons free for the next three months.

It’s like the Cooking Channel, except with live science teachers who guide you through safe hands-on science experiments and fundamental scientific concepts for at home learning.

When you sign up on the MEL Academy website, you’ll find detailed information for a variety of live webinars including subject, topic, and age range. You’ll receive an email with a link to access the webinar and a list of household materials to prepare, so you can follow along with the experiment in real time. Teachers and scientists demonstrate each experiment, explain the underlying science and concepts and live chat during the presentation.

Every webinar lasts 45 minutes and includes an explanation of the science topic and the DIY science experiment demonstrations. There are four live lessons every day, between 8am and 2pm EST. Students seem to love the ability to live chat with the teacher, which is very different from one-way television or YouTube videos.

You can also check out MEL Academy previously recorded science lesson webinars. And if you decide you’d like to go further, MEL also offers chemistry subscription boxes delivered monthly as well as chemistry lessons in virtual reality that follow a standard K-12 curriculum.

Happy science-ing everybody!

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