High-Tech Espresso Machines for Your Home

If you were ever considering getting a high-end coffee maker, now is the time, as all of our favorite bean joints are likely on hiatus for the near future.

But it’s not like you can bring the baristas home with you as well, so who will recreate your intricate and precise coffee order?

Never fear—we’ve found some brainy brewing gadgetry that will have you whipping up espressos with ease.


What if making an espresso was as easy as turning on a faucet in your kitchen? That wonderful dream can be a reality. Featuring a sleek Danish design that recalls the classic faucet form, TopBrewer can be easily integrated into any kitchen space. But even better than its beauty is its brains. The TopBrewer, via its accompanying app, is able to pour a wide range of caffeinated beverages from americanos and macchiatos to cappuccinos and espressos, all at the tap of a button. And better still, users can dig in to their preferred drink type and set the exact ratio of coffee to milk and more, even saving their concoction as a drink preset for future use.

The TopBrewer Professional System is available for $15,545.

Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

If you’re in the market for a countertop solution to your need for speed, consider the GranBaristo from Saeco. This stainless steel beauty puts 18 different drinks at your fingertips—literally. Via the Saeco smartphone or tablet app, users can make their beverage choice and customize it with exacting precision, with the ability to alter milk and coffee volume, brew strength, taste and temperature—and, of course, the GranBaristo will save any of your settings for future use. Perhaps best of all, the brainy GranBaristo provides an app-based, step-by-step guide for cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine to ensure that the device is always running at optimal performance.

The Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is available for $2,999.

Bosch Serie | 8 Built-in Coffee Machine

Want to add a world-renowned cafe to your home? Go for the Serie | 8 Built-in Coffee Machine from Bosch. In addition to letting you brew espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and more from anywhere in your home—thanks to the accompanying Bosch app—the Serie | 8 includes a number of fun features for frequent hosts, like the ability to build a drinks playlist, so every guest gets exactly what they want. The Serie | 8 also includes a Coffee World function that allows users to sample unique caffeinated concoctions from regions all over the world and broaden their beverage horizons.

The Bosch Serie | 8 Built-in Coffee Machine is available for $3,299.

Jura J6

Want to use the same gear as the pros? Invite the Jura J6 into your kitchen. This brewing beauty doesn’t just look the part. Outfitted with Jura’s rich coffee-making technology like its patented Pulse Extraction Process, you can be confident you’re getting a superior cup of coffee anytime you pour. But what separates the J6 from its fellow Swiss-made siblings is its Wi-Fi and bluetooth tech that allows owners to control all of the device’s major functions from drink selection and bean volume to brew strength and temperature and more.

The Jura J6 is available for $2,399.

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