Coronavirus no sports? On day 25, we debate best No. 25

The Sunday between the Final Four and the national title game contest that awaits provides a calm amid the whirlwind of the sports calendar heating up.

That’s unfortunately not the case this year, and with this Sunday marking Day 25 without sports, what better way to mark the monotony than by deliberating the best athlete to wear No. 25? 

The subjective opinion of this writer is that the honor belongs to Barry Bonds, who wore the number with the San Francisco Giants after wearing No. 24 to begin his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Bonds became baseball’s home run king and set hitting records of all sorts — creating the most perfect Baseball Reference page of all time in the process — while wearing the number. He is among baseball’s greatest hitters, no matter how one feels about his connections to performance-enhancing drugs, which is more of an indictment on the state of the game as he rose to the top than Bonds himself. 

Barry Bonds during his final season in 2007.

Speaking of maligned sluggers with PED connections, hello Mark McGwire. “Big Mac” wore the 2-5 with both the Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals, and he helped usher in the home run era Bonds capitalized on. 

Another big-time slugger (who does not have a PED link) to wear 25? Jim Thome, who wore it for the Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies most notably and clubbed 612 home runs throughout his career, good for eighth all-time. 

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