Coin Flip Championship helps fill sports void

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)- The Coin Flip Championship turns 30 years old this season. The championship is a creative way to pick and choose the typical March Madness.

It started as a two dollar challenge 30 years ago, in Burgess hall on the campus of the University of Sioux Falls.

It’s as easy as it seems, they take the March Madness/NCAA Tournament bracket, flip a coin and take the result of the flip.

This year, Shane Sandersfeld and Jon Hiatt, the Coin Flip Championships operators, are hoping to see big numbers for a couple of reasons.

The lack of sports is the main reason that Hiatt and Sandersfeld are hoping to see a large number of brackets.

Another reason is due to the cost of the championship, because there is no cost! Most years, there is a small cost to this, however, among everything that is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, Hiatt and Sandersfeld are just hoping that people will take their normal bet and donate that to people or organizations that are in need.

Hiatt and Sandersfeld announced the bracket via zoom on Friday and you can watch that above.

The duo also announced how to see the games unfold on Saturday, April 11 and how to enter your bracket for a chance to win a prize.

The top three brackets and the worst bracket will all win prizes.

If you’d like to get involved in the 2020 Coin Flip Championship with a chance to win a prize, you can join by clicking the link right here: Coin Flip Championship.

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