Besides Masks and Quarantines, Celebrity Hair Stylist Donna Marie Sees a Role for Beauty to Play in Beating the Beast – Boca Raton’s Most Reliable News Source

“Should we put PR on hold until
after the Coronavirus Crisis?”  We’re
receiving questions like this from major clients of our PR firm, TransMedia

Here’s my answer to one of our
clients, Hollywood celebrity hair stylist Donna Marie Fischetto, whose
clients include Diane Keaton, Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Banks, Tina Fey, Hugh
Jackman, Cynthia Nixon, Amanda Seyfried, Ewan McGregor, Emma Roberts and even
Alec Baldwin, garnering an Emmy nomination for her work on Sex and the
.  She recently moved to
Florida and wants that known.

lay low, I told her.  There’s opportunity
for some creative light to shine in this dark tunnel.  Everyone is hiding under their blanket, but
smart ones are seeing opportunity to shine. 
Trust me.  I know what I’m talking

fighting the beast coronavirus with tests, drugs, masks and quarantine, but you’ll
be the first use beauty to keep up everyone spirits.  So important! 

The media are restless and
are going to need other subjects besides coronavirus, which is going to get

Life is going to go on
despite all the panic, in fact, people today are paying even more attention to
TV, services like Netflix and media in general as many are staying home from
their jobs, quarantining themselves, hibernating like bears bored out of their
minds looking for distraction.  

Also, while we’re at maximum
population in Florida, there is a shortage of people making news which can be
to your advantage.  Take for example advice and tips you might give to
women about their hair while they’re sheltering in place. 

Is that a hairbrained
idea?  I don’t think so.  We registered the domain For most women, looking into that mirror can be
comforting, even exhilarating if what they see sparkles.  And Donna Marie
has given so many celebrities that sparkle. 

So I tell Donna Marie, let’s
keep being creative, focusing on your illustrious career and celebrity
background and use your hair dressing skills to conquer fear and restore
confidence in ourselves, starting with our feeling beautiful, leading to the
belief that we’re all going to stay healthy and get through this temporary

And when we get you
interviews on local TV news at network affiliated stations, you’re not going to
walk into a crowded newsroom.  You’ll be talking to one interviewer and
except for a TV cameraperson or two, you’ll be performing in an almost empty studio. 
So you’ll be safe and glad you stayed with the program.   Now wash
your hands.

Now Alive and Well in

Donna Marie is transitioning
from her New York City film industry base to South Florida, where she has
engaged TransMedia to showcase her many talents and high-end services that made
her famous in the Hollywood celebrity circuit, such as blow outs, temporary
hair extensions, coloring & natural highlights as style accents, haircuts,
intensive treatments and updo hairstyles for gala events, photoshoots, TV
appearances and wedding parties.

Donna Marie can cut, color
and style all types of hair to suit any occasion. She works with her clients to
develop a style that suits their face shape and enhances the texture of their
hair that showcase her expertise in styling the longest, healthiest sultry
hairstyle as well as women’s short hairstyles that are a cut above the

No virus is going to stop her!   And no BEAST is going to beat BEAUTY!

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