Health officials say ‘Pause in Place’ working

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Kanawha County health officials say this weekend’s Pause in Place has greatly reduced the number of people in town possibly spreading COVID-19.

Kanawha-Charleston Health Director Dr. Sherri Young says people have taken social distancing very seriously this weekend and it will go a long way to helping flatten the curve to defeat the virus.

“People are really stopping and saying ‘do I really need to make this extra run?’ So it has really cut down on road traffic that we have seen,” Young said. “Traffic into and out of areas, and people have been very cognizant of that fact that we really need to stay where we are if we really don’t need to be there.”

“We know that it is difficult on businesses, we know that it is difficult on everyone and it is hard to stay at home,” Young continued. “That is when a lot of us may get the urge to go out, but I think everyone did a very good job.”

The Pause in Place recommendation was made on Friday by Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin and the Kanawha County Commission. It asked people to stay home as much as possible and have a limited number of people make essential trips.

“We knew that we would get positives, we knew that we needed all hands on deck,” Young said. “When we heard of our first potential positives, we made it in place that everyone would be making the calls to the contacts, and notifying employers as well, so we can get lists of people who interact with other people. We were well ahead of the curve before we received that last notification.”

Young said the benefits of the Pause in Place will be seen over the next two weeks as case numbers hopefully begin to drop.

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